Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Custom Wedding Invitations

When picking the style of the custom wedding invitation you want to keep the type of wedding that you are having in mind. If you are having an outdoor wedding or a themed wedding you might want to incorporate the same theme into the custom wedding invitation. It draws attention to the style of the wedding and can actually help the guests know how to dress for your special day. Many brides have decided that they should include extra things in the invitations such as pictures, poems or other saying that makes the invitation unique.

With so many family and friends marrying in the same month, it is important that you set your wedding apart from everyone else’s. With a theme and style you can accomplish making your wedding the most memorable. After you choose your theme then head off to choose the type of custom wedding invitation. For example, if you are marrying in the park, consider an invitation with a park theme, a seaside wedding could have an ocean theme and so on. You may want to even add a bit of theme by putting something into the invitations. Such as seeds to plant, sand or seashells. This not only ties the theme with the custom wedding invitation to the wedding, but also gives your guests a small token of remembrance. Guests can plant the seeds or use the shells in decorations to remember the love shared by you and you’re soon to be spouse.

Custom wedding invitations need not be the most expensive to be the best. Look for the right paper and style for you. Everyone has different tastes and you can dress up your invitations with ribbons, bows or other decorations. Many have started using sequence or lace to dress up an invitation that may have been a little to plain for their tastes. So even though you purchase custom wedding invitations you can still add to them if you desire. Another important factor with the custom wedding invitation is the color and typeset. These two issues can dress up the invitation or dress it down. Compare the paper and colors with styles and choose the one that looks the best to you.

Many printers will allow you to personalize your custom wedding invitation with a poem or written dedication to your partner. This is a special way to announce to the world that you love your soon to be spouse. It may be a saying or a quote that is unique and special to your relationship. This is another way to make your custom wedding invitation unique. So remember when choosing wedding invitations base it on your uniqueness and creativity!

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