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Custom Wedding Invitations

When picking the style of the custom wedding invitation you want to keep the type of wedding that you are having in mind. If you are having an outdoor wedding or a themed wedding you might want to incorporate the same theme into the custom wedding invitation. It draws attention to the style of the wedding and can actually help the guests know how to dress for your special day. Many brides have decided that they should include extra things in the invitations such as pictures, poems or other saying that makes the invitation unique.

With so many family and friends marrying in the same month, it is important that you set your wedding apart from everyone else’s. With a theme and style you can accomplish making your wedding the most memorable. After you choose your theme then head off to choose the type of custom wedding invitation. For example, if you are marrying in the park, consider an invitation with a park theme, a seaside wedding could have an ocean theme and so on. You may want to even add a bit of theme by putting something into the invitations. Such as seeds to plant, sand or seashells. This not only ties the theme with the custom wedding invitation to the wedding, but also gives your guests a small token of remembrance. Guests can plant the seeds or use the shells in decorations to remember the love shared by you and you’re soon to be spouse.

Custom wedding invitations need not be the most expensive to be the best. Look for the right paper and style for you. Everyone has different tastes and you can dress up your invitations with ribbons, bows or other decorations. Many have started using sequence or lace to dress up an invitation that may have been a little to plain for their tastes. So even though you purchase custom wedding invitations you can still add to them if you desire. Another important factor with the custom wedding invitation is the color and typeset. These two issues can dress up the invitation or dress it down. Compare the paper and colors with styles and choose the one that looks the best to you.

Many printers will allow you to personalize your custom wedding invitation with a poem or written dedication to your partner. This is a special way to announce to the world that you love your soon to be spouse. It may be a saying or a quote that is unique and special to your relationship. This is another way to make your custom wedding invitation unique. So remember when choosing wedding invitations base it on your uniqueness and creativity!

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Drive-Through Wedding Chapels In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is officially called "the entertainment capital of the world." Along with this title, it is also designated with a secondary title of being "the wedding capital of the world," which is more apt than the former. The reason being, Las Vegas has over 100,000 couples getting married every year. Not surprising then that it has a considerable number of wedding chapels too. The most unique wedding chapels in Las Vegas are the drive through wedding chapels sometimes also known as gazebos.

"Drive through" is a term that is mainly used in relation to restaurants and fast food joints, which serve customers who pull up in their vehicles. This drive through business goes very well with wedding chapels in Las Vegas. Drive through wedding chapels in Las Vegas have expert wedding planners who are capable of providing the best services and quality materials in no time. Some of these wedding chapels are situated in the heart of Las Vegas. These wedding chapels take care of all the arrangements, right from a minister or other official to perform the ceremony, florists, bakers, photographers to musicians and DJs as well as videographers, helping to make the wedding easy and tension-free. Las Vegas wedding chapels are also known for their interesting wedding themes. These wedding chapels have both the traditional and classic kind of weddings along with a wide range of Vegas style weddings whose themes are extremely imaginative. Elvis-themed wedding ceremonies are famous worldwide.

Drive through wedding chapels in Las Vegas look very elegant when decorated with silk roses and vines. These chapels are mostly made of wrought iron, which gives them an altogether different and attractive look. Being drive through wedding chapels, these chapels add the beauty of the outdoors to the wedding ceremonies making the wedding day truly the most memorable day to cherish.

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Unique Wedding Accessories

You are a one of a kind person and you would like for your wedding to be the same. You would like to find some really unique accessories for your wedding. Well below I have put together a list of some of the most fun and unique accessories during and after the wedding.

Guest book picture frame

Celebrate your special day with the thoughtful words of your guests surrounded by your favorite wedding picture. A 5" x 7" photograph is centered inside black wood veneer frame with white photo mat and glass cover. We recommend using an acid free fine point pen to preserve your signatures for years to come. Frame is perfect for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or any milestone event.

His and Her flip flops

Leave a heart-felt impression of your love in the sand with these "I Love Him/Her Flip Flops". They are fun and romantic and perfect for many occasions including honeymoon, vacations, Valentine's Day, and anniversaries.

Signature vase

Introducing the newest way to celebrate the married couple and their wedding guests. White ceramic vase is modeled after a Scandinavian design. It has an almost square shape with rounded edges. Each vase comes with a special ceramic marker that guests use to sign their names and wedding wishes.

Instant photo guest book

This unique photo guestbook makes the perfect addition to your special event. Covered in Japanese cloth, with 30 archival pages, each custom cut to frame a Polaroid Instant picture. Take the album to your event and accompany with a Polaroid camera to take fun photos of your friends and guests. Everyone writes their message and good wishes on the page while their photo develops. A fun and interactive way to remember your special day!

These are just a few of the many unique wedding accessories being sold. You can easily find a nice, fun and unique way to add that extra special touch to your wedding. So just browse around the many retailers until you find the perfect unique wedding accessories for you.

Yolanda is the owner of Yolandas wedding favors and wedding planner. She enjoys seeing all the different table decorations and wedding party favors that go along with the reception. She also sells a nice line of unique wedding favors such as two peas in a pod, amor glass coasters, crystal oyster with pearl favor and many more. She has a nice line of bridesmaid gifts such as personalized tote bags, photo locket key chains and many more bridesmaid gifts.

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Wedding Bands - Choosing the Perfect One!

Now that you have purchased her diamond engagement ring, comes the task of acquiring the wedding band. First, congratulations on the engagement! At the wedding you will be asked to exchange bands, it is ideal for the wedding band to complement her engagement ring.

First choose a matching band for her engagement ring. Try to find a wedding band that matches the looks and style of her engagement ring. If she has a custom platinum ring, try to stay with a platinum band, same goes with gold rings, and two-tone gold rings. A band might also contain diamonds, to accentuate her engagement ring. Some prefer a unique custom made band that locks into place with her ring. The rings can usually be soldered together if desired to keep them aligned together.

Now for the men's wedding rings you have many possibilities, it does not need to be similar to hers at all. A unique custom band says so much about him. You have many metals to choose from, white,yellow and two-tone gold, platinum and also titanium. Titanium bands are very durable and unique. Mens diamond wedding rings are very popular, set in channel, flush or bead settings, make for a very beautiful masculine look. You also might of for a simpler discount round gold or titanium band.

His and her bands are just as important as the diamond engagement ring. Her band accentuates the look of her diamond ring, and his band says a lot about him. Show your love for each other with your wedding rings.

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Choosing Contemporary Wedding Photography For Your Big Day

Your wedding day is a day that will live in your memory for a lifetime; but it will also live in the pictures captured throughout your wedding ceremony and reception. Choosing a photographer for your wedding is more than deciding who you want to be with you throughout the day; it’s choosing the style in which you want your wedding pictures to be presented. And many modern brides are choosing contemporary wedding photography.

Contemporary wedding photography is defined by a modern approach to a traditional custom. While traditional wedding photography often captures a conglomerate of formally posed pictures, contemporary wedding photography often focuses on a more journalistic style of capturing photos. The result is a more candid style of photography that often captures moments that traditional photography tends to miss.

Gone are the days of wedding photography by the numbers. Today’s wedding photographers are showcasing their talent, creativity, and specialties like never before. This puts consumers in a beneficial position – creativity abounds in the wedding photography market which means that you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to creating unique and exciting wedding albums. But in order to realize your dream, you must first find a photographer experienced in contemporary wedding photography.

There is no better wedding planning tool for brides than other brides. Conduct your own informal research among friends who have recently gotten married or are planning their own nuptials. Take notice of other couples’ wedding photography; if you like a particular style then ask for a recommendation for their photographer.

Of course price is always a consideration when it comes to tackling big ticket items associated with weddings. Be sure that you approach each photographer you interview with a solid budget in mind – and stick to it! Contemporary wedding photography allows for non-traditional needs and requires flexibility on the photographer’s part; you’ll be surprised how much room there is to negotiate on price.

Most importantly, be sure that the photographer you choose completely understands what you want from your contemporary wedding photography. Ultimately the wedding photography that will work the best is that which accurately reflects the unique personalities of the happy couple.

For easy to understand, in depth information about contemporary wedding photography visit our ezGuide 2 Wedding Photography.

Choosing Wedding Invitations

One of the first things you will do when planning a wedding is to choose your wedding invitations. There are so many wedding invitations to choose from and lots of places to look.

You may want to look online for wedding invitations. There are sites that have all kinds of wedding invitations in many styles and colors.

You can even order beautiful wedding invitations online. This makes the task quick and easy. Wedding sites that offer this type of service have made the process a breeze.

You can look for wedding invitations in wedding magazines. Spend an afternoon at a bookstore or library browsing through wedding magazines and you will get a good idea of what is available.

There are many bridal stores or stationery shops that have wedding invitations. These bridal invitations are available in a stunning array of styles and colors. Allow yourself enough time to look through all the books of wedding invitations. This can be a time-consuming project but it will allow you to choose the perfect invitation.

If you have a bridal notebook or folder you may want to keep track of your favorite wedding invitations. Start looking for wedding invitations several months before the wedding. If you order wedding invitations it can take quite awhile to get them. Also allow yourself enough time to have the invitations reprinted if there happens to be any mistakes. You do not want to have to send out wedding invitations that do not have the correct information or misspellings. When you order wedding invitations from a specialty store you can usually expect to pay quite a bit.

If you need to save a little money you can either make or print your own wedding invitations. There are many kinds of card stock, envelopes, rubber stamps, inks and embellishments available if you want to design your wedding invitations. For those who are creative, artistic or want a unique, one-of-a-kind wedding invitation, this is a wonderful idea. There are wedding invitations at craft and printing stores that can be printed using your own computer.

Wedding invitations set the tone for the wedding. Choose or make just the right wedding invitations for your special day.

Craig Thornburrow is an Author and Business Owner. Find all you need to know about Weddings at http://www.theworldsbestwedding.com

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Wedding Favor Gifts

Wedding favor gifts are given out to each of the wedding reception guests as tokens of appreciation for their attendance to the special occasion. In order to make wedding party favors meaningful, the right choice has to be made on the type of wedding favor gifts. Of course, another consideration when selecting wedding favors would be the match between the wedding party favor and the wedding theme. This is important as the right wedding favor will help create lasting impressions.

Another consideration when selecting a wedding party favor would be the budget that you have and the number of guests that you are inviting to your reception. Of course, the most conventional type of wedding favor gift would be a small box of chocolates or mini candles wrapped in color wrappers. Corkscrews in little boxes are also fairly common as they can be used in the kitchen or as unique home decorations.

Wedding party favors should ideally be personalized with the names of the wedding couple for the purpose of reminding the guests of the wedding party that they attended. For instance, if you select a pair of chopsticks, you can have both your names carved on the chopsticks. This can also be done if you decide to give out mini photo frames and get your names painted at the back or sides of the frames.

In the case of wedding favor gifts that cannot be personalized, such as chocolates, tea bags, cigars or candles, wedding favor tags can be tied to each individual wedding party favor with dainty ribbons to accentuate. Essentially, a short romantic phrase can be included in the personalized wedding tags to commemorate the special occasion and also as a reflection of the love that the couple have for each other.

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Men's Wedding Ring - Bold and Daring Love

Wedding ring is meant to be worn for lifetime, so men prefer comfort while choosing their diamond wedding ring. They give comfort more preference than style and design; generally, wedding rings for men are simpler than women’s rings, though there are still a wide variety of styles available to match different individual preferences. Rings may be personalized for additional symbolism with interior or exterior engravings or elaborate details such as Celtic knots or geometric patterns. Men’s wedding bands also vary by width, metal, and gemstone use.

The groom wears a diamond band to glorify their true commitment to their bride, men prefers to wear a ring that is unique and stands out from the rest, makes the right statement of who they are, which speaks a lot about his personality. Fashion conscious bold men tend to wear zodiac wedding bands, which is strange and unique enough to make heads turn and give it a second look. Even though it does not gel well within a marriage ceremony, grooms who want to make their wedding ceremony unique with panache wear it with great pride on their wedding day, as long as it works well for the couple.

The most popular men’s wedding ring are plain metal bands, with an element of design one can chose a ring with a subtle design like migraine or a masculine braid, which features a braid design with a round and soft edge for comfort. It is well said that a groom only wears a wedding ring to make his marriage a public statement, and wear it because he feels it’s his duty to wear since he is married and committed.

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Making Personalized Wedding Favors Unique

If your wedding is unique why not make your personalized wedding favors unique. Everyone wants there wedding to be the most remembered wedding ever, with the right personalized wedding favors it can be. Try to remember the last wedding you went to. Chances are you don’t remember a whole lot of details about the wedding but you do remember what the bride and groom gave out as wedding favors. Personalized wedding favors can be a great way to make you wedding memorable.

A bride and groom usually spend quite a bit of time picking out the first song they dance too, there wedding song, so why not make it one of the most memorable parts of your wedding by using it as a personalized wedding favor. Giftcds.com will make professional and high quality cd’s for you to use as personalized wedding favors. They can even place your names, the wedding date and pictures of the bride and groom on the cd’s. This is a great way to personalize your wedding and give everyone a little something to remember you by.

Now you have the cd but you don’t want to put it in just any old cd case to give to your guests, why not personalized cd cases. Why not go to weddingfavorstogo.com to buy some personalized CD cases. These personalized CD cases some in several different colors, with satin ribbons and personalized name tags. This is one way to personalize your wedding favors at a very low price. 24 of these personalized CD cases will cost you about $46.

Candy is a popular and inexpensive wedding favor. However as soon as the candy is eaten the wedding favor is gone. That doesn’t have to be true. Personalizationmall.com has some wonderful personalized wedding favor boxes. They are fairly inexpensive, costing between $.80 and $.95 cents apiece. An elegant way to still stay within your budget.

Still looking for something to put into those cute little boxes, well it doesn’t have to be candy. Everyone loves candles so why not put in a mini pillar candle with a personalized wrapper. Waxwizard.net sells both. The mini pillar candles can be ordered either round or square, are unscented and come in white or ivory. The labels are sold separately but are a peel and stick label so they are very easy to put on. The candles will cost you about $53 for 24 of them and the labels cost about $28 for 24 of them.

Personalized wedding favors are a way to make your wedding unique and unforgettable. You can find some unique and elegant ideas online that won’t cost you a fortune.

Bonnie Goodwin Ray has more than sixteen years experience in the wedding industry. She is the author of Wedding Planning Made Easier and has become a leading expert in silk wedding bouquets design.

Bamboo Wedding Favors - The Good Luck Favor

Bamboo wedding favors are perfect for those looking for a really unique favor to share with their guests. A symbolic gift that is said to bring good luck, bamboo wedding favors represent perfectly the good wishes and gratitude the happy couple want to share. For those seeking a stylish favor embedded with mystical eastern symbolism, bamboo wedding favors are the perfect choice.

Chinese spirituality is filled with meaning that is relevant even to those raised in the western world, and bamboo wedding favors are an ideal way to translate these meanings into our western traditions. Said to be filled with positive energy, or chi, bamboo wedding favors will bring good luck to all your guests.

And available with a beautiful range of ceramic pots, bamboo wedding favors will be sure to raise a multitude of smiles too! Whether you choose a single bamboo stick, or a small arrangement, bamboo wedding favors can be presented in myriad ways.

Choose colored stones that match your table settings, or sticks of contrasting heights and widths for a really dramatic look. Bamboo wedding favors are available in a great range of styles, so whether you choose a uniform arrangement for all your guests, or prefer to mix and match, bamboo wedding favors offer a choice that will suit everyone’s tastes.

Bamboo is also the ideal fall wedding favor. At a time of year when the evenings are closing in, and the temperature is quickly dropping, the year-round greenery of a bamboo wedding favor can be a charming reminder of warmer climes. And with their message of hope and good luck, bamboo arrangements offer a fall wedding favor that reassures your guests that the impending winter can bring good things.

But whether you choose this ancient Chinese plant as a spring, summer or fall wedding favor, you can be sure that your bamboo wedding favor will be a truly unforgettable gift.

Bamboo wedding favors make the perfect unique wedding favors.

For a website totally devoted to Wedding Favors visit Peter's Website The Wedding Favors Guide and find out about Unique Wedding Favors as well as Wedding Favor Ideas and more, including Cheap Wedding Favors and Wedding Shower Favors.

Making Your Wedding Unique With Unique Wedding Favors

So you want your wedding to stand out amongst the crowd but you are really not sure how to do this. Well when purchasing your wedding favors pick some really nice unique wedding favors. Giving your wedding guests some nice unique wedding favors will shock them and they will wonder where you purchased such unique keepsakes. Then every time they look at the wedding favors you purchased for them they will always remember your wedding. Below I have put together a list of some of the more popular unique wedding favors.

Lucky in love four suits candle set

Show your guests how lucky you feel with this clever, useful and scented favor. The perfect sophisticated touch for an engagement party, cocktail reception or Vegas wedding! All four suits are represented, in red and black, and arrive in a custom showcase package with clear cellophane panels. A red and black printed wrapper declares that you feel "Lucky in Love."

Apple of my eye mini candle favor

This little candle brings a big impact to any event: showers, parties, receptions, when ever! Hand painted in a deep apple red, the wick is cleverly disguised at the apple's stem. Clear showcase box tied with sheer ribbon and stands approximately 2 inches tall. A standard Apple of My Eye tag is included. A matching personalized tag is also available with this favor from most retailers.

The perfect blend coffee cup miniature candle

These java-scented and adorably packaged coffee cup candles. Each little candle measures approximately 1.5 inches across and glows with a mouthwatering coffee aroma when lit. Each candle comes standard with a "Perfect Blend" hang tag. A matching personalized tag is also available with this favor.

This is just a few of the unique wedding favors you can find from the many online retailers. So just browse around until you find the perfect unique wedding favors for you.

Yolanda is the owner of Yolandas wedding favors and wedding planner. She enjoys seeing all the different table decorations and wedding party favors that go along with the reception. In her online store she sells many different unique wedding favors such as two peas in a pod, apple of my eye candle favor and many many more unique wedding favors. She also has a nice line of bridesmaid gifts such as personalized tote bags, spa slippers, spa gift sets and many more.

Wedding Reception Ideas

Truly unique wedding reception ideas are often hard to come by. In an age where many bride and groom wish for their wedding to be special and truly creative, finding innovative ideas for edding receptions is much sought after.

Much of what you decide to do for your wedding reception party will have to do with your overall wedding plan – your theme. Sticking with a planned theme can often make planning your reception more difficult. For example, throwing a Western cowboy themed wedding makes it difficult to throw a reception at a cozy ski hill resort without breaking with your theme.

The best thing to do is to plan the majority of your wedding events around what you want – your wedding ceremony location and particulars. Since location is probably one of the most important aspects of planning a wedding, we suggest looking at unique locations first and ask yourself (and the owner) whether those places would fit your wedding reception idea.

Some ideas might be:

Romantic restaurants
Small cruise
Ranch or private home
Sports venue
Private or rented movie theatre
Amphitheatre or outdoor venue (good in sunny weather locales)
Ski Lodge
Cornfield clearing complete with tents and large awnings

There are many ideas for locations for wedding receptions (and weddings for that matter). Once you have selected the proper location, find out if the location supports the number of people for your reception – the entertainment, refreshments, food and people. Why not try customized refreshments, themed wedding favors, even reception games. By being creative with location and your wedding theme, you will find that the rest of the wedding reception planning will fall right into place.

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The Coin Bearer Explained

The coin bearer is a young boy who marches on the wedding aisle to bring the wedding coins. The wedding coins are more commonly known as wedding arrhae, but the Filipinos like to call the wedding coins as wedding arras.

The wedding coins sits on a wedding pillow. The wedding pillow comes in many styles such as traditional square, and shapely heart. The wedding coins can be placed inside an organza. Like the wedding pillow, the organza comes in many styles such as silver sheer, gold sheer, heart shape, and satin.

This wedding ceremony is brought by the Spanish Colonizers. At first, only the Roman Catholic uses this wedding ceremony. Now, the Christian wedding ceremony has adapted the wedding coin ceremony.

The artwork on the wedding coins can be simple or intricate. You will see many images such as doves, sun, hands, and mountains. Many people collect the wedding coins and pass down to generations.

Silver and gold makes up the wedding coins. Silver and gold unites harmoniously. That is why some call the wedding coins as unity coins. The groom and bride unite harmoniously.

The wedding coins consist of thirteen wedding coins. Thirteen represents Jesus and his apostles.

The wedding coins also symbolize prosperity. The groom hands the wedding coins to the bride. In the old days, the groom or husband is the bread winner of the family. And, the wife stays at home to take care of the house or off springs. Now, the husband and wife share the support, and responsibility.

At the wedding, the priest blesses the wedding coins for prosperity, and unity. After the blessings, the priest hands the wedding coins to the groom. Then, the groom hands the wedding coins to the open hands of the bride.

Dennis Estrada owns Maid Of Honor Duties, coin bearer, and wedding advice articles website that provides fashion, trends, and resources about wedding.

Locating The Best Winter Wedding Favors

When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding favors, there are certainly no shortages of choices. In fact, there are so many different types of wedding favors to choose from that it can be hard to choose only one type of favor.

==Planning Your Wedding And Getting Things Done==

As anyone who has planned a wedding can tell you, there are many different things that must be done.

From the wedding dress and bridesmaid gowns to the flowers and the wedding invitations, there are many elements that must be taken care of when planning the perfect ceremony. It is all too easy for little things like the winter wedding favors to get lost in the planning process.

==Take The Overall Theme Into account When Choosing Your Winter Favors==

It is important, however, not to lose sight of the value of the wedding favors you choose. After all, long after the wedding ceremony is over, the winter wedding favors you choose will help your family members, friends and other wedding guests remember the beautiful day.

Giving your guests wedding favors that you can be proud of and that they will cherish is often a difficult task, but it is important to shop around, and to take the overall theme of the wedding into account when choosing those winter wedding favors.

For instance, a formal and elegant wedding will demand different wedding favors than a casual backyard ceremony. It is important that the wedding favors you choose fit in well with the look and feel of your wedding.

If your wedding has an overall theme, it is important to tailor the winter wedding favors you choose to fit with that theme. For instance, if you choose a garden theme for your wedding, you may want to use a gardening kit, complete with your favorite flower seeds, as a unique and tasteful wedding favor.

If you choose a beach theme for your wedding, you will want to choose wedding favors that fit well with a day at the beach. And of course a winter wedding will mean choosing winter wedding favors.

Shaunta Pleasant is a professional writer and editor on wedding planning topics. Visit my site to learn more about planning the perfect wedding at http://www.best-wedding-plan.com/winter_wedding_favors.html

Crystal Wedding Favors

Wedding favors tend to be expensive or inexpensive wedding favors and the crystal wedding favors are the expensive ones because they give an elegant, glamorous and graceful look to the wedding ceremony. They are unique and exquisite in style and finish.

Crystal wedding favors can make a wedding ceremony sparkle because crystals create a dazzling and magical effect. They add class and express gratefulness to special guests, wedding attendants or bridal attendants.

Usually very expensive crystal wedding favors are given to very special guests and the crystal book is one such gift. Names of the bride and the groom can be engraved in this book with a message of thanks. Crystal diamonds can also be given as wedding favors to special guests also. Crystal wedding bells are classic symbols of a wedding symbolizing unity and merriness. Crystal facet is another wedding favor which has a circular face that rests on a half spherical ball. Special messages or names can be written on the crystal facet to mark the big day. Swarovski crystal jewels and other products are also precious crystal wedding favors to be given to very precious guests.

Crystal key chains and crystal heart shaped paperweights can also be included as wedding favors. These are stylish pieces and special messages can be engraved on their surfaces. They are not so expensive like the others listed above and are available in different sizes. Other inexpensive crystal wedding favors include crystal candle holders, crystal apples, crystal bowls, vases, bottle stoppers, peppermint bowls, jewel heart boxes and crystal bells. Prices may vary with the cut and size of the crystal.

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Unique Wedding Favors

Wedding favors have continued to be an essential element of wedding preparation. The bride and grooms offer these small tokens of appreciation to their wedding guests at the reception. Wedding favors convey the thankfulness of the duo to the guests for participating in their ceremony and celebration. They should be unforgettable souvenirs to be treasured by their guests. The more unique, the better. Here are a few ideas to consider for unique wedding favors.

Your nuptials are a big day for you and you want it to be special in every possible way. You want your guests to remember it too. The wedding favors that you decide on for your guests should go with the theme of your wedding. Although many great wedding favors are available in the market, it is up to you to make them unique. Unique wedding favors make your guest feel special and honored.

Unique wedding favors may be comprised of packaging such as favor bags or favor boxes. The most important thing about using them is that you can make them unique by cutting the boxes into various shapes. You can decorate the favor boxes according to the theme of your wedding. Decorate them uniquely with ribbons or bows then fill them with chocolates, almonds or other candies. Try to keep with the theme of your celebration. You can also add a personalized message of "Thank You" from the bride and bridegroom to add a personal touch to the favor boxes to turn them into unique wedding favors.

A book can also turn out to be a unique wedding favor. Books are generally not used by many people as wedding favors. Most people do not think of wedding favors other than candles, soaps or a picture frame. You can select a nice book with the theme of love and oneness and write a personalized message in the beginning of the book. You can select your favorite novel or a book that matches the wedding theme. A poem book that has beautiful poems on love and oneness would work well. Look for a book that you and your future spouse find to be symbolizing of your love and give you inspiration.

You can make a simple wedding favor of a cookie tin or box unique. You can decorate the cookie box in various styles rather than using the box as purchased. Brainstorm different ideas to make them special. Use ribbons, pressed flowers and laces to decorate them. Silver can be used in the most elegant styles to make unique wedding favors. Silver wedding favors make a unique idea if used as a small mementos. Make a silver or chrome item unique by having a personal note engraved on them. Good inscription ideas include the date of marriage, your names, or some message that the guests will remember for a long time.

Lastly, another unique wedding favor could be to give a good romantic love songs compact disc or a cassette. The song selection should be meaningful to the couple and matching the theme of your wedding if possible. The guests will remember the event whenever they listen to that cassette or compact disc. Also the same songs should be played during the wedding procession or reception to link a memory with the songs.

L Hayes is a wedding professional and owner of Wedding Favors Emporium. They carry an extensive line of unique wedding favors. They offer many popular gift ideas such as wedding favor packaging, place card holders, and bridesmaid gifts. For more information about unique wedding favors, wedding planning, or wedding reception ideas, visit their website.

Popular Silver Wedding Favors

So you are having a wedding and you would like to give your wedding guests some really nice and elegant wedding favors but you are not sure what you would like to give your guests. Well how about some silver wedding favors. Silver wedding favors category has some of the most beautiful wedding favors around. So below I have put together a list of some of the most popular silver wedding favors.

Silver plated wedding cake place card holder

Designed to resemble a three-tiered cake with lots of trimmings, each silver plated favor has a place card slit at its top. Each wedding cake place card holder measures 1 ½” by 1 ½” and comes with a blank place card. This silver wedding favor comes individually wrapped in clear poly bags in packages of 12. These cake place card holders will hold photos or notes also.

Silver shoe bottle opener favor

This silver shoe bottle opener is a very nice and elegant favor for a cinderella themed wedding. Each approximately 5" long, these unique bottle openers have a silver-plated finish and come individually boxed. These are some of the more popular silver wedding favors and are priced very reasonably by most retailers. So if your looking for an elegant cinderella wedding these are perfect for you.

Silver resin coach place card holder

Elegant and unique in its own rights. This silver resin coach place card holder is a perfect fit for your fairytale wedding. Just sprinkle these all over your reception tables and your wedding guests will love them. What is great about these is that they will double as wedding favors for your guests if you choose.

Well this is just a few of the very many silver wedding favors around. We are sure if you browse around the many different retailers you will find the perfect wedding favors for you.

Yolanda is the owner of Yolandas wedding favors and wedding planner. She enjoys seeing all the different table decorations and wedding party favors that go along with the reception. In her online store she carries a wide variety of wedding favors such a bath wedding favors, beach wedding favors, silver wedding favors and many more wedding favors and accessories. She also has a very nice line of bridesmaid gifts such as spa slippers, personalized tote bags, cosmetic bags and many more.

Wedding Chapels in Las Vegas Casinos

Also known as the ‘Land of Casinos’, Las Vegas is also immensely popular for its wedding chapels. So when both of these popularities are combined, we get wedding chapels in Las Vegas casinos. It is this unique combination which attracts couples from all across the globe to come and exchange their wedding vows here.

Almost all of the grand casinos contain at least one wedding chapel. Several of them have a collection of chapels in various styles and sizes. A few are very elegant and elaborate, compared to the small independent wedding chapels.

Most of these casino wedding chapels offer themed wedding ceremonies. A very famous casino, Excalibur, offers a traditional wedding set in medieval times. For the more adventurous and extreme couples, the MGM Grand provides roller-coaster weddings. Another popular casino, Treasure Island, offers a unique package which includes a pirate wedding on board its ship. And one of the wildest of ideas, offered by the ‘HMS Britannia and the Las Vegas Hilton, incorporates a Star Trek wedding on the bridge of the starship Enterprise. This is then given a final touch with the help of Klingon witnesses and Ferengi guests.

Everything beautiful has a price to pay. However, a wedding at any of the wedding chapels in Las Vegas casinos is not about the price, but the memories the couple will have. Most of the casino wedding packages can cost anywhere from $350 up to $3,500 and beyond, depending upon the package chosen. The packages generally include one or more nights in a "honeymoon suite" at the hotel itself. They may also include photographs, flowers, music, entertainment and even a complete beauty makeover at their spa.

Las Vegas Wedding Chapels provides detailed information on Las Vegas Wedding Chapels, Wedding Chapels In Las Vegas, Las Vegas Hotel Wedding Chapels, Wedding Chapels in Las Vegas Casinos and more. Las Vegas Wedding Chapels is affiliated with Las Vegas Wedding Packages.

Wedding Toasting Glasses

As you start your life as a married couple you will want a set of wedding toasting glasses that will add a bit of elegance or character to your wedding experience. You can find a lot of different options for toasting glasses at stores that carry wedding supplies, at novelty shops, gift shops, and you can also find unique designs in mail order catalogues that specialize in glasswear or wedding supplies.

Most wedding parties will use champagne flutes as their wedding toasting glasses. Champagne flutes can be made from plastic, glass, crystal, silver, or pewter. If you want to create an extra special wedding toasting glass set then you can personalize your toasting flutes. Personalized toasting flutes made from glass can be etched with the names of the married couple, they can be etched with the date of the wedding, or they can be etched with both. Metal champagne flutes can be personalized with engraved names, dates, or both. Plastic champagne flutes can sometimes be personalized by having the manufacturer print the personalization directly onto the plastic when the items are being manufactured.

If you don’t want to use traditional glass champagne flutes as your wedding toasting glasses then you can always look for unique wedding toasting goblets. Toasting goblets come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs and they usually are more suited for ethnic, gothic, or theme weddings. You can buy wedding toasting goblets in pewter or silver, and you can select from peacock , heart, cherub, pewter design , colored glass, Celtic, or renaissance themed toasting goblets.

Planning a wedding, bridal shower or reception? Visit the bridal resource center for tips of wedding decorations, bridal gowns and accessories, shower favors, bridal lingerie and honeymoon planning.

Wedding Favors

Wedding favors have become a important part of a wedding celebration. The purpose of handing out wedding favors is to say thank you to your wedding guest for attending your wedding and to give them a keepsake to remember your special day for a long time. Wedding Favors are an inexpensive way to complete a perfect wedding.

Wedding Favor Budget

Wedding favors are a very affordable way to add a special touch to your wedding day. Prices per piece range from cents to less than dollars and are sure to delight your guests. Many favors are beautifully packaged which lends a touch of elegance and finesse. Because quantity discounts are available wedding favors can fit beautifully into your wedding budget.

Choose The Right Wedding Favors

The wedding favors should reflect the theme of your wedding as well as the groom’s and bride’s personality. There are hundreds of wedding favors from which to choose that cater to any particular wedding theme. Most common wedding theme favors are: Las Vegas Wedding Favors, Calla Lily Theme Wedding Favors, The Perfect Pair Wedding Favors, Wine Wedding Favors and Love Theme Wedding Favors just to mention a few.

Practical Wedding Favors

Choose wedding favors that are practical and useful. Practical Wedding Favors such as wine bottle stoppers, letter openers, bookmark favors, salt and pepper shaker sets, and coaster wedding favors. These are useful and practical wedding favors that your guests are likely to keep and use for some time to come.

Personalize Your Wedding Favors

A personalized wedding favor always stands out. Personalize your wedding favors with a unique wedding favor tag. This is an inexpensive way to put a personalized touch on your wedding favors. Favor tags come in different shapes, designs and colors which will make it easy to match any wedding theme.


In order to find the best fit for your wedding theme be sure to shop around and order samples of your favorites so that you can compare and contrast your options. Take into account the theme you would like to convey and consider which favor will bring you as much pleasure to give as it will be for to the guest to receive. Let your wedding favors reflect your personality and be an expression of your joy in sharing your wedding day with friends and family.

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Ways To Find The Perfect Summer Wedding Invitations

There are of course lots of times to host the perfect wedding, but the summer months continue to be among the most popular times for weddings to take place.

The summer months have a great many advantages, and many brides to be would never dream of having their wedding at any other time of year.

Summer Wedding Invitations Are Among The Most Popular

One of the best things about the world of summer weddings is the ready availability of summer weddings invitations.

These invitations can be among the most beautiful of all wedding invitations, and it is easy to understand why they are so popular just by doing a bit of shopping around.

Matching The Invitations To The Type Of Wedding

There are of course many different kinds of summer wedding invitations, and they run the gamut from the most elaborate and elegant to the simplest and most casual.

It is important, of course, to choose a style of wedding invitation that best suits both your needs and the nature of the ceremony itself.

It is important to match the type of wedding to the type of ceremony, and to start shopping around as early as possible in order to get the best possible choice of invitations for your own wedding.

Using A Post Card For Destination Wedding Is Becoming More Popular

There are certainly some unique summer wedding invitations on the market, and one of the most unique are the resort postcards that can be used as wedding invitations for those great destination weddings.

Many of those who decide to embark on a wedding at a destination resort will get postcards from that resort and use the pictures on those postcards for the wedding invitations.

These great summer wedding invitations are a great way to show your guests the beauty of the wedding location, while at the same time giving them all the information they need to attend your special day.

Ideas For Making Your Summer Wedding Invitations More Popular

Another great way to make those wedding invitations even more unique and beautiful is to include personal touches on those invitations.

Including special things like a favorite song verse, a favorite poem or a favorite photograph is a great way to make those wedding invitations even more special and to make them into a cherished keepsake for your invited guests.

Shaunta Pleasant is a professional writer and editor on wedding topics. Visit my site to learn more about planning the perfect wedding at http://www.best-wedding-plan.com/summer_wedding_theme.html.

New Jersey Wedding Reception

A New Jersey Wedding Reception has much variety, elegance and grandeur to choose from for wedding couples. This would be even more pronounced if your budget for the wedding reception is large enough for engaging the best wedding reception venue that New Jersey has to offer.

It would be advisable to scout around at other New Jersey wedding receptions in order to determine your choices. You will then have a good idea for the theme of your wedding reception. Do you want to host it at a prestigious city hotel? Would you want to have a grand and romantic wedding reception held in a manor or a mansion? How about a reception in a park with wide spaces of lush greenery?

Whatever your choice may be, all of the above is possible for your wedding reception in New Jersey. All of these wedding reception locations are unique and distinctive, each of them with their own theme and specialties. In the end, the wedding couple should evaluate each of these venues based on their desires, their wedding reception budget, type of food served, service levels, ambience, elegance, decor and accessibility for visitors.

For instance, food may be a problem as some venues may not have the right selections, so engaging an outside caterer may be an alternative as long as the venue management allows it. Other elements of a New Jersey wedding that needs to be taken into consideration would be the type of music as well as the choice of floral arrangements, wedding cake and wedding favors for the guests.

If you are interested in having your wedding reception surrounded by lush greenery, then Park Savoy would be the perfect setting for your New Jersey wedding reception. The unique cobblestone pathways, European lanterns, exquisite gardens with a grand mansion, forms a perfect setting for the wedding ceremony. This coupled with a grand wedding reception either indoors within the mansion or outdoors amongst the gardens, fountains and lakes.

© Copyright Randy Wilson, All Rights Reserved.

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Unique Wedding Vows - Write Something Different For Your Wedding

Unique wedding vows are the types of vows that you create and write yourself. In writing wedding vows, you should use words that convey thoughts, and your love for your spouse. Your unique wedding vows will be cherished thoughts about your relationship that you have put together yourself for the special occasion.

In writing wedding vows for your special day, you want to use words that bring out the feelings of your relationship. You want to use words that will show just how much you love the other person.

Writing Your Own Unique Vows

Sit down with a sheet of paper and write down ten things you find appealing and special about your soon to be spouse. These could be things that involve how you act with each other every day, how you hold hands while walking in the park, how you shop together, how you look into each others eyes before going to bed every night, or just what ever makes the two of you happy.

Should you share your vows?

Sharing your vows is something you will have to determine between the two of you. Some couples do not like to share their unique vows before the wedding while other couples love to hear and share what they are writing before the wedding ceremony is to take place.

Unique wedding vows are the words that come together to create the statements of love that you feel for each other. While the words may not be very new, the expressions of love are.

Amy Lee Johnson is a freelance writer that often contributes to Wedding Vows 4U - a site that offers information on such topics as writing wedding vows and selecting wedding gowns.

Creative Ways for Distributing Unique Wedding Favors

With weddings become more and more glamorous and elaborate, brides are coming up with new and unique ways to give their wedding favors flare. Presentation and packaging can enhance the appeal of unique wedding favors multifold. Sometimes, the way a wedding favor is presented is what makes a wedding favor really unique and memorable.

Here are some ideas for presenting your wedding favors in a stylish way.

  • The bride can carry a beautifully decorated basket full of long stemmed red rose candles. During the reception she can mingle with all the guests and pass out the unique wedding favors herself to each guest. Not only will she get the thrill of seeing the delight on the faces of her guests, but also she will feel like a Princess giving away wedding favors on her big day.

  • Another idea for creating unique wedding favors is a take-off on Dayna Devon’s (of ‘Extra’ fame) idea of hanging velveteen cones trimmed with satin and filled with rose petals on the chair of each guest. You can create beautiful satin or organza pouches and trim them with antique lace or rope. Fill the pouches with rice or birdseed, which the guests can shower on the couple when they leave. Hang the unique wedding favors on the chairs, ala’ Devon and be the season’s most talked about bride!

  • An absolutely fantastic idea for unique wedding favors presentation involves the wedding cake. If you can afford it, plan to have a mini wedding cake for each table and one grand wedding cake for the couple to cut. Then put personalized silver mini cake server sets at each place setting. When the couple cuts the wedding cake, all the guests get to cut the cake on their table. It is great fun for everyone present and of course! The guests get to take home the unique wedding favors.

  • You could create air fresheners or potpourri and hang it in the guests’ cars. This was a unique wedding favor idea John and Rebecca Stamos used at their celebrity wedding. If your wedding reception has valets, have them put one in each car as they park them.

  • Another great way to distribute unique wedding favors is to decorate the favors or place them on a center table in beautiful baskets or arranged in a fun design. Put a card inviting each guest to take one favor. This can be a part of your wedding decoration. Place one unique wedding favor for each guest, as well as for children. Also include a few extras in case of damage or double dipping.

Wedding favors can really be something special. Just put a bit of yourself into the presentation and you will have a hit your guests will talk about for a long time to come.

Andrea Britt is owner of CharmingWeddings.com where you can find elegant, unique wedding favors, bridal shower favors, and wedding planning tips for your wedding reception and bridal shower.

What is a Signature Guest Book Platter?

Do you want to know how you can easily add a ton of fun to your sign in process of your wedding and give your guests a unique entry to your wedding? Well of course you do. You want your guests to feel welcome and amused and not bored. So what a great idea for signing in at your wedding than a signature guest book platter. Your guests can sign in at your wedding with a special pen and write some really great thank you's on the platter. The signature guest book platter can come in many different sizes, shapes and designs for a personalized, unique feel. So below I have listed a few different signature guest book platters that you can purchase for your big day.

18" Personalized signature guest book platter will hold around 200-250 signatures and is made from porcelain. You can have your names and wedding date personalized in the middle of the signature guest book platter. The personalization is an excellent addition to the already unique keepsake.

Bride and groom design signature guest book platter makes for an excellent addition to any wedding event. You can easily have your guests sign their words of advice and encouragement for your wedding. Have them sign in and let them know to have fun with it. Sign what ever thoughts are running wild in their brains and you'll have a cherished memory keepsake.

Palm trees signature guest book platter makes for a great addition to any destination wedding. The palm trees will make a great addition to your already destination feel of your wedding plus make a great unique keepsake too.

These are just a few ideas for having a unique guest book at your wedding. Their are many more signature guest book platters available so just browse around and I am sure that you will find the perfect signature platter for your event.

Yolanda is the owner of Yolandas Wedding Favors. She sells many different types of wedding favors such as, love glass coasters, two peas in a pod salt and pepper shakers and many many more. Yolandas Wedding Favors also carries many different wedding accessories and wedding gifts such as guest books, unity candles, ring pillows, bridesmaid gifts, groomsmen gifts and many many more.

Unique Wedding Favors - Tips On How To Look

Cheap wedding favors, unique wedding favors, elegant wedding favors, beach wedding favors, wine wedding favors, silver wedding favors, personalized wedding favors, wedding favors for your mom, wedding favors for your dad, wedding favors for your flower girl the list could go on and on. So where do you begin and where do you look to find the right wedding favors in the first place.

Well you could try what most people do and go to Google or Yahoo and do a search and they should give you about 13 to 15 million places to choose from. Wow! Now what? Which store do you choose, which company do you trust to handle this job on one of the most important days that you and your love one will share and want to remember.

Ok! So you looked around and you picked a few stores to window shop if you will, and now you realize there are thousands of different wedding favors and ideals to choose from, can you say “over whelming,” in deed it is. There literally thousands of different kinds of wedding favors that a bride and groom can choose from, but do you begin where do you target in and find that right wedding favor that will help represent your special day.

Here are a few ideal that you can try:

1. You should have an ideal of how you want to organize like what you would want your wedding to say or represent.

2. You should give your wedding a theme of some sort like a beautiful candle light wedding out by a gleaming sunset eve with waves caressing the sand as the tide rolls in. This could give you an ideal of what kind of wedding favors you would want to represent this theme. Some sort of beach wedding favor would be a great choice to set this mood.

3. You could have some sort of outrageous wedding theme where you will need unusual wedding favors or maybe Unique wedding favors.

4. You may want a more refined or formal type wedding so you could go with elegant wedding favors.

So you see there are many more ways you could set up your search for the proper wedding favors to set the mood for your wedding and make your work that much more easier.

If You Find These Groomsmen Gifts appealing wait till you see what is behind door number two: Unique Groomsmen Gifts Which you can get that great gift for that special guy in your wedding start with a wonderful Watch Money Clip or a Silver Plated Groomsmen Flask. Now we also have your Bridesmaid Gifts such as a beautiful Manicure Set or Silver Plated Necklace with a Heart Emblem. If your looking for Groomsmen Gifts Go To My Bridal Favor for gifts such as a Watch Wallet With his Initials Engraved in The Front and many more to choose from.

Beach Wedding Favors

Wedding favors have become a necessary part of wedding planning. Wedding favors are small gifts from the bride and the groom to their guests during a wedding ceremony. Wedding favors express the gratitude of the couple. They are memorable mementos to be kept by the guests. Wedding ceremonies are based on different themes depending on culture, interest, budget, imagination or seasons. Weddings with a beach theme have natural beauty, mystique and elegance and the guests who attend them will have an exhilarating experience. This in itself is a favor.

Beach wedding favors can express the vastness and beauty of the beach. There are different categories of beach wedding favors. Sliver beach wedding favors are elegant and classic with silver coasters, wine stoppers, wine-bottle openers as unique beach wedding favors. Edible beach wedding favors include personalized candy bars and cookies. Cinderella beach wedding favors including glass slipper key chains, pumpkin -shaped candles, decorative soaps and pumpkin paperweights are added to beach weddings.

Home made beach wedding favors allow the couple to give unique personalized favors to their guests which can be easy to make and inexpensive. They can add a personal touch to the entire wedding ceremony. Most common personalized beach wedding favors are playing cards. Champagne glasses, soaps, paperweights, picture frames based on the beach themes can be used as personalized wedding favors also.

One of the common beach wedding favors is seashell wedding favor which covers seashell coffee scoops, sea shell toothpicks, shell mint packs, etc. Other favors are beach themed coffee favors, beach sand pails, sand castles, flip flop candle favors, dolphin shaped wine stoppers, dolphin-shaped bottle openers, shell candle favors, beach chocolates and cookies. Miniature models of lighthouses, beach chairs, yachts and sailboats can be given as beach wedding favors. Prices of these beach wedding favors are from 1$ to 5$ and they vary with the materials used. Beach wedding favors can be considered as blessings from the sea to the guests as well as the couple.

Wedding Favors provides detailed information on Wedding Favors, Cheap Wedding Favors, Unique Wedding Favors, Personalized Wedding Favors and more. Wedding Favors is affiliated with Cheap Wedding Invitations .


Wedding and Reception Checklist

Are you newly engaged and having a hard time figuring out everything that you will need for your wedding ceremony and reception? I found an amazing website that has been my guide for planning my wedding and reception.

Traditional to save money most couples will plan their wedding themselves. Even though this may be a bit frustrating you know that you will truly get exactly what you want for your wedding. For those of us who chose not to have a wedding consultant help with the wedding we try to find ways to make sure we have everything that we need. After all it would be a pain to try and find a D.J. 2 days before the wedding because you forgot to hire one. That’s when weddingsolutions.com comes in.

WeddingSolutions.com was my main source for planning my wedding. Blow is a list of some of the items that Wedding Solutions.com offers:
*A free wedding website that you can create about your engagement and wedding
*A wedding journal
*A wedding budget analysis
*Wedding and Reception checklist (they even break it down into months to help you stay on track)
*Wedding tips and advice
*And much much more

The best thing about this website is that it is free. I learned about this website from the authors of Making Your Wedding Beautiful, memorable, and Unique. This website was created by wedding planning specialists that have had over 40 best selling wedding planning books published.

If you want to make sure your special day is perfect, I recommend checking out this website.

Wedding Guest Book Ideas

If you are having a wedding you will obviously need a wedding guest book. The wedding guest book is one of your most important keepsakes of your wedding. The wedding guest book will have the signatures of all of people who attended your wedding. So why not make it fun and unique. So below I have listed a few ideas to make your wedding guest book fun and unique.

Wedding guest book themed

Try to pick a nice wedding guest book that will relate to the over all theme of your wedding. So if you are having a Fall wedding then you can often find a wedding guest book that will have fall colors or pressed leaves on the guest book itself. Or if you are having a beach style wedding then you can choose a guest book that will have sea shells on the guest book or starfishes. Just have fun with your theme and just know that there are many retailers out there who specialize in theme weddings so you are sure to find what you would like.

Signature guest book platter

Signature guest book platters are one of the most fun and unique ways to cherish your wedding memories. The guests can sign the platter and write special notes to you. You can display your signature guest book platter in a curio cabinet and it will be cherished for years to come.

Photo guest book frame

Photo guest book frames are another unique way to display some of your most cherished memories. You can have one of your best pictures in the middle and the wedding guests can sign around the photo and you can display the frame on a wall for years to come.

Polaroid guest book

Polaroid guest books are a very nice fun and interactive way for your guests to get involved. What you do is take a polaroid camera and take instant photos of your guests then they can sign around there photos. Polaroid guest books make nice instant memories that will last a life time.

These are just a few of the many ideas that you can choose to make your wedding guest book more memorable.

Yolanda is the owner of Yolandas wedding favors and wedding planner. She enjoys seeing all the different table decorations and wedding party favors that go along with the reception. In her online store she sells many different types of wedding favors and accessories for your wedding. She carries a very nice line of wedding guest books such as signature guest book platters, instant poloroid guest books and many more unique guest books. So be sure to check out Yolandas wedding favors for all of your cheap wedding favors, discount wedding favors, unique wedding favors and many more favors.

Give Unique Wedding Favors

Most weddings are the same as all the others, even down to the wedding favors. If you're tired of seeing little bottles of bubbles or sachet bags, here are some ideas that might help you have a more interesting wedding. Remember, of course, that truly unique ideas for wedding favors can't be picked up from somewhere else – you have to think of them yourself. However, the following wedding favor concepts can be a springboard for your imagination.

Try giving wedding favors that really reflect your personality as a couple. For instance, if you're a big fan of other cultures, consider favors that will portray that. Ethnic crafts, chopsticks, and many other items can make really unique wedding favors. Your guests will remember your nuptials for a long time to come.

Consider edible wedding favors. It's now possible to get customized candies made. Chocolate or marzipan can be shaped any way you like, and even embossed with text, for unique wedding favors that no one else can duplicate. Plus, you won't have to worry about trash, once the favors have been eaten. Edible wedding favors are creative, unique, and delicious!

If there's a special poem or quote that means something important to you as a couple, consider calligraphed scrolls or decorated cards with this text on them as unique wedding favors. These add a handmade touch to wedding favors that everyone is sure to remember. Another advantage of this idea is that people with crafty skills can make their own.

With computers becoming more and more ubiquitous, many couples are starting to use personalized CD's as unique wedding favors. You can include photos and even your favorite music, making your favor entirely unique. They're easy to make, if you have some simple computer equipment, and relatively inexpensive.

The biggest part of creating unique wedding favors is thinking carefully about them. The best way to come up with a favor that no one else has done before is to make or put together some aspects of it yourself, rather than pre-purchasing your favors. Using wedding favor packaging allows you to be unique yet give pretty and professional looking favors. It can also save you money, a big concern for most couples. With a little imagination, your wedding favors can be part of a unique wedding ceremony that you and all your guests will remember for a long time.

L Hayes is a wedding professional and owner of Wedding Favors Emporium. They carry an extensive line of unique wedding favors. They offer many popular gift ideas such as place card holders, wedding favor packaging, and bridesmaid gifts. For more information about unique wedding favors, wedding planning, or wedding reception ideas, visit their website.

Are Traditional Weddings Obsolete?

Traditional weddings - do they exist? As same-sex weddings are debated around the globe, there is a great deal of discussion surrounding what is and what is not a traditional wedding.

The debate on tradition and marriage will undoubtedly last for many years to come, however, one of the more interesting aspects of the entire debate is the fact that it comes at a time when many brides and grooms are looking to break from tradition.

The wedding industry has seen a transformation in recent years as many couples look to personalize their weddings and move away from many of the traditional wedding ceremony and wedding reception elements.

Many couples are personalizing every aspect of their wedding from their wedding vows to the wedding reception and everything in between. An entire industry has been developed to cater to brides and grooms looking for a unique wedding.

Unique weddings offer brides and grooms the opportunity to break away from tradition and ceremony and enjoy their special day the way they wish to enjoy it.

One of the first traditions to go are the traditional wedding vows. With companies like Pocket-Poet offering custom written wedding vows and wedding poetry brides and grooms are no longer interested in reciting the wedding vows that other couples have recited for centuries.

Another tradition that has fallen in recent years is the traditional wedding reception. Many couples are offering more creative receptions including extended cocktail receptions, backyard barbecues, themed receptions, dessert receptions and the like.

The wedding apparel industry has also seen a shift in focus from the traditional to the unique as more brides and grooms look to show more of their personality in every aspect of the wedding including their wedding clothes.

As the last vestiges of traditional marriage are being clung to by the faithful who do not like to see change it may just be that the new traditional marriage is anything and everything completely non-traditional.

David Casey, VP, SetSitesHigh (http://www.setsiteshigh.com) is a website designer and developer with no relationships to Pocket-Poet (http://www.pocket-poet.com) or any other wedding related businesses.

Wedding Party Gift Ideas - Unique Ways to Say Thanks

Thanking your wedding party with special gifts is a favored tradition, but depending on the size of your wedding party, it can be an expensive one as well. Is it possible to find inexpensive, original and thoughtful items suitable for you to express your appreciation to your wedding party?

Following are some unique and inexpensive wedding party gift ideas:

Wedding party gifts: You could make the wedding party gift process really easy by giving each member of the wedding party the same gift. Gift ideas include: a personalized musical CD recording commemorating the wedding ceremony and wedding reception such as the bride and groom’s song, specially labeled wine bottles commemorating your wedding day, or personalized picture frames of the wedding party.

Bridesmaid gifts: Personally engraved or monogrammed items, such as candle holders, ornaments, bracelets, jewelry boxes, key chains, bottle stoppers, wine glasses, champagne flutes, bath robes, slippers, tote bags, or cosmetic bags.

Groomsmen gifts: Personally engraved or monogrammed items, such as golf balls, key rings, money clips, pocket watches, cuff links, pilsner glasses, flasks, shot glasses, utility knives, waterproof cooler bags, laptop computer bags, travel bags, or golf towels.

Flower girl gifts: Personally engraved or monogrammed items, such as jewelry, a jewelry box, a piggy bank, or a teddy bear.

Ring Bearer gifts: Personally engraved or monogrammed items, such as a baseball bat, baseball jersey, a piggy bank, or a teddy bear.

Use your creativity to say “thank you” to your wedding party in a unique and inexpensive way.

Hilary Basile is a writer for MyGuidesUSA.com. At MyGuidesUSA.com (http://www.myguidesusa.com), you will find valuable tips and resources for handling life’s major events. Whether you’re planning a wedding, buying your first home, anxiously awaiting the birth of a child, contending with a divorce, searching for a new job, or planning for your retirement, you’ll find answers to your questions at MyGuidesUSA.com. Find wedding planning tips and resources at http://www.myguidesusa.com/weddings

Popular Wedding Favors

There are hundreds of wedding favor to choose from when you browse to the various wedding websites. Below is a list of the most requested wedding favors.

Personality Wedding Favors
Match your personality or wedding theme with a unique personality wedding favor. These favors can be matched with a personality favor boxes. The personality favor boxes come in 20 designs/colors. Also available are matching favor tags to complete your favors. These are beautiful and unique favors that will stand out at your wedding reception. Personality boxes are available for bottle stopper favor, coaster favors and letter opener wedding favors.

Practical Wedding Favors
The best wedding favors have a practical use that your guests are likely to keep and use for some time to come. The most popular practical favors are: Wine Bottle Stoppers, Luggage Tags, Bookmark Favor, Ice Cream Scoop, Cookie Cutters and Coaster Favors.

Wedding Theme Favors with matching Favor Tags
Wedding Favors with a personalized favor tag gives a wedding favor a nice finishing tough. There are a wide range of unique wedding favors with matching personalized favor tags such as “The Love Boat” Candle Favor – “The Perfect Blend” Coffee Favor - - “Apple of my Eye” apple wedding favor or “A Perfect Pair” pear candle favor.

Calla Lily Wedding Favors
The calla lily represents magnificent beauty according to florists. That is why many couples are using calla lily on the most beautiful day of their life--their wedding day. Brides can use calla lily wedding favors in almost every aspect of their wedding from the ceremony to the reception. The most popular calla lily favor are: calla lily glass coasters, Calla lily bookmark favors, Calla lily spreaders, and calla lily gel candles.

Coaster Wedding Favors
Coaster wedding favors have become increasingly popular over the past years as wedding favors and baby shower favors. They are practical and useful, keeping the memory of your special day alive for a long time to come. Coaster favors are available in glass, cork and leather. Our selection of coaster favors includes theme coasters like: love glass coasters, glass photo coasters, fall in love theme coasters, beach theme coasters and Asian theme glass coasters.

Copyright: Karin Koch. www.decor24.com
Your source for Wedding Favors and Theme Wedding Favors

Choosing The Right Wedding Favors From Traditional To Unique

Planning a wedding can be a huge undertaking, and it is easy for the little things, like the choice of wedding favors, to get lost in the shuffle.

It would be a mistake to skimp on the wedding favors, however, since it is these wedding favors that guests will remember years after the wedding itself has faded into memory.

Having a memento of your special day is important to those closest to you, and choosing the right wedding favors is an important part of any wedding planner’s job.

Choosing Wedding Favors That Showcase The Style Of The Bride And Groom

There are of course as many different kinds of wedding favors as there are types of brides and grooms. Wedding favors range from the practical to the whimsical, from the charming to the offbeat, from the most casual to the most elegant.

It is important to choose wedding favors that reflect the style of the wedding, and of course the style of the bride and groom.

Matching The Style Of The Favors To The Theme Of The Wedding

For instance, casual wedding favors may be somewhat out of place at an elegant formal wedding, just as fancy wedding favors may overwhelm a more casual wedding ceremony.

It is important to match the style of the wedding favors to the nature of the wedding, and to choose wedding favors that are reflective of the taste and style of the happy couple.

Picking Traditional Or Unique Wedding Favors

There are a number of traditional wedding favors that never seem to go out of style, and many couples have used traditional wedding favors like picture frames, cameras and the like to great success.

In addition, there are a number of more unique wedding favors that many couples have used, everything from baskets of homemade brownies to sprays of silk flowers to mugs full of the finest chocolates.

The bridal magazines are full of some great ideas for wedding favors, and it is a good idea to read these magazines and planning guides for inspiration.

Order The Wedding Favors As Early As Possible

After you have decided which type of wedding favors best suits your needs it is important to order them as early as possible.

Those in the business of planning and supplying weddings are often very busy, and ordering early will help ensure that the wedding favors you so carefully chose arrive in plenty of time for the big day.

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Make Your Wedding A Unique And Personalized Wedding

Often a couple may only want a small wedding with just a few friends and family members. The idea being that this is a personal commitment between the bride and groom. Yet they wish to share this sacred moment with just an elite few people. Unique personalized weddings in many different religions and regions. The couple may not be of any one religious faith and select to have a judge or magistrate perform the ceremony. The couple maybe a devout Catholic, Christian, Protestant or of some other secular religion and still want a unique personalized wedding that has great meaning to them.

How to have a unique personalized wedding depends on where the bride and groom stand on format. The personalization can come from the preparation and extent of the wedding. A wedding held in a small chapel with the reception of coffee and cookies in the basement is more personal. The bride can still wear a formal gown and have a maid of honor and the groom wear a tuxedo with a groomsman by his side.

How to have a unique personalized wedding without too much expense depends on your family. A beautiful wedding in a park under a gazebo is less expensive and very personal. Afterwards a planned picnic for the guests with little to no cost for the bride and groom if the family contributes much of the foods and drinks. A small-personalized wedding can take place in the living room of ones own home with just a few family members and friends. Then the wedding party will go to a restaurant for a toast to the new bride and groom.

How to have a unique personalized wedding all depends on the creativity of the bride and groom. A large wedding can take place with a lot of pomp and ceremony. The banquet hall personalized with many memorabilia from both families and the foods can be of both family ethnic backgrounds. The bride and groom can use a horse and carriage to ride around town instead of the modern limo. All these things make the wedding unique and certainly more personalized.

The essence of having a unique personalized wedding comes from the heart of the couple. Each thing in this wedding can be a very special moment for the couple no matter how large or small the wedding maybe. The couple feels the special uniqueness and specialization in their heart that makes the wedding.

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Poetry for Weddings

There are several ways that wedding poetry can be used. Wedding poetry can enhance more than one area of your special day.

You may want to use wedding poetry as part of your wedding announcements, invitations and thank-you notes. When you use wedding poetry in these ways you have added very meaningful words and thoughts. Another way to use wedding poetry is to incorporate it into the wedding ceremony or vows. Special wedding poetry can make the ceremony unique.

If you are giving gifts to the wedding party or wedding guests you may want to consider using wedding poetry. Wedding poetry makes these gifts even more memorable.

The bride and groom may want to use wedding poetry to include in their cards to each other. Wedding poetry is also nice when used in notes to parents or other special family members.

You might wonder where to find wedding poetry. There are several places to find wedding poetry.

If you are creative you may want to write the wedding poetry yourself. A friend or family member may have a talent for writing wedding poetry. You can even take classes in poetry writing and hone your skills.

A great place to look for wedding poetry is online. You will find many ideas for wedding poetry on wedding sites.

Look for wedding poetry in books at your local bookstore or library. You may find just the perfect wedding poetry when you do a little research.

Wedding consultants may have suggestions of places to find wedding poetry. You can also look through wedding magazines to find examples of wedding poetry.

If you know what message you want to convey but are not able to write the wedding poetry yourself there is another possibility. You may be able to hire a wedding poetry writer. There are talented writers who will write wedding poetry for a fee.

For those who want to use wedding poetry as a way to make their wedding even more beautiful, there are many ways to accomplish this goal.

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Unique Men's Wedding Bands

The use of a wedding band by a man signifies his commitment to his bride. It is symbolic of an eternal relationship between two kindred souls.

Variety adds spice to life, and this principle applies to wedding bands too. Not being satisfied by standard plain bands men have turned their attention to sourcing unique wedding bands that will give them a distinct band that is a statement of style.

A wedding band is often the only piece of jewelry that most men wear. So its looks really merit a lot of attention. While gold, silver and diamond are common wedding band materials, but for a person who wants a unique wedding band there are more choices available.

Platinum and titanium are popular choices for crafting unique men's wedding bands. Platinum is an exceptionally strong and durable metal. Its appeal lies in its unique patina or sheen which develops over time. Being malleable it can be crafted into a fascinating range of unusual men's wedding bands. The sky is the limit as far as design options go.

The other popular choice, titanium is also exceptionally strong while being very light. It is in fact a third of the weight of gold. Those not keen about a heavy band can opt for a lightweight, classy titanium wedding band.

Titanium men's wedding bands using a whole variety of titanium colors with or without gemstones make lovely unique bands. The other options are carbon fiber, stainless steel, Celtic bands and two tone bands.

Once you enter the realm of two tone bands there is a mind boggling variety available. Two tone bands can be gold with tanzanite, gold with blue topaz; a band combining gold, diamond and garnet? the combinations are endless.

A creative mind can do wonders at conjuring up a fantastic idea for a unique men's wedding band. The next step would be to find a skilful jeweler who can give shape to your idea and create a unique men's wedding band.

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